AdWeek – Who’s Doing It Right on Facebook


What’s most interesting in this AdWeek article is to see how slim the point of view is around how to calculate return on the interactions that these fan pages produce. Facebook fan pages are a powerful new extension to the media arsenal. They create “media lift”, creating sustainable conversation out of direct media efforts. For example, a Facebook media placement could target all moms in the US (or those with specific profile attributes) and invite them into a discussion or experience related to a brand on a fan page. Those fans could then be the source of sustained conversation, activity and influence which further engages and promotes the brand awareness efforts. So it’s definitely a powerful media/communications approach.

But more interestingly, the argument about Nike missing the point (vs. Adidas) is, in my opinion, erroneous. Nike has pushed much further into the Social Marketing maturity cycle and has found that monetization happens deeper within the experience that consumers have with the Nike product. Consider the Nike Running efforts, such as:

These are really powerful examples of how Nike has gone much further than its competition in creating community, fanhood, and very deep engagement (worldwide runs, etc.) around its product. They’ve literally engineered Social into the product and its surrounding marketing platform(s). Stats say that 68% of Nike Running participants that do not own Nike shoes end up converting. Now that’s influence.


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