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What’s most interesting in this AdWeek article is to see how slim the point of view is around how to calculate return on the interactions that these fan pages produce. Facebook fan pages are a powerful new extension to the media arsenal. They create “media lift”, creating sustainable conversation out of direct media efforts. For example, a Facebook media placement could target all moms in the US (or those with specific profile attributes) and invite them into a discussion or experience related to a brand on a fan page. Those fans could then be the source of sustained conversation, activity and influence which further engages and promotes the brand awareness efforts. So it’s definitely a powerful media/communications approach.


Branding is by far one of the oldest marketing science. Branding techniques have involved a variety of psychologically relevant approaches, such as plain naming, visual branding, acoustical (think Intel)  and video branding (think of the MGM lion roaring) and trademark slogans we all remember. But as we move from push into a social branding era, some […]

Social Networking is the groundswell of this decade. With adoption growing faster than grasp, Facebook, Twitter and many more have glued the mobs to their screens and mobiles. Businesses flock to de-mystify the use of social channels for profit or even just brand image. As people talk, share, tweet and post, patterns of use self-organize, […]

The line is blurred. Your boss and best friends together on Facebook. Your rants heard by all on Twitter. Will the medium shape our digital social persona or will our need for channeled communication shape the medium? Theory #1: We will learn to adopt a digial persona which can appeal to all contexts. Our experience […]

Just a quick rundown based on a great article by Josh Bernoff about the mistrust of the corporate blog.  I’ve recently discussed how portable social graphs are slighly shifting attention towards email and the address book and how powerful the concept could be. Beyond corporate blog mistrust, this article delivers a powerful second message loud and […]

Yesterday, Derek Stacey, a colleague of mine at Razorfish sent me this article: We worked together on a nifty project aiming to aggregate and blend both social and email experiences from numerous sources into a seamless and light web interface.  The idea did not come as a surprise, but rather as a confirmation of […]

The FacebookConnect Awakening… Why so late?